Flying & Air Displays for weddings & events special occasions

Mark Jefferies is one of the world’s most accomplished air show performers. Ranked at 9th  & 10th in the World (2007/2009). He has been British aerobatic champion on and off since 1994.  Mark is 51 years old and has been flying aerobatics for the last 29 years. In addition to his air show performances Mark runs a busy airfield in the UK where he lives with his wife and 2 children.

His air show career spans over 26 years where he has performed in a wide range of aircraft from jets through to vintage bi-plane aircraft.

Marks skill as an aerobatic pilot is proven by his successful career as an unlimited (top level) aerobatic pilot. He has represented Great Britain in competitions over many years during the course of which he has won medals at several international competitions. In the UK Mark has frequently won national championships, first winning at unlimited level in 1994 in an aeroplane that he built himself.

Now concentrating on flying displays wherever in the world he is invited to fly. Countries to date include :- New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, UAE, Germany, France, Holland, Ireland, Slovenia, Iceland, Denmark, Bahrain, Dubai.