Mark Jefferies Air displays - National and International air shows exuberating supreme aerobatic skill and excellence in the latest state of the art Extra 330sc aircraft. Bookmark and Share

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Mark Jefferies AirDisplays

Commentary notes

Download the show music

Several pictures of Mark, for publicity use

Photos of the new aircraft in action - EXTRA 330SC

Personal profile of Mark Jefferies for use in your show brochure.

Personal profile of Mark Jefferies  (different from the above) use parts in the show brochure

Article published by Pilot in September 2004 (use zoom feature)

Pictures of the old aircraft in action - Extra 300S in action 2004-2008.

For a price quote please c0ntact Mark Jefferies air displays

Flying displays for Weddings, Garden parties, Country shows etc. A show your guests will talk about for a long time